Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hey, I changed the story a bit, revising and revising. This is the preface to the kids book.


At first the world had no needs, for all the world had Balance. Sun to leaf, and leaf to sun, part to part, and part to all: all were found in Balance. Eaters balanced growth, and harmony balanced eaters, and nothing grew unbalanced.

The eater Drasil spoke to the grower Opyn Loc. Drasil asked her to grow something both beautiful and new. And so she grew a flower and it was something both beautiful and new. But Opyn Loc asked the eaters to resist the flower, for it was not in Harmony and hid a secret imbalance.

Yet when Drasil examined the flower, he found it to be something of balance and something of harmony. And when the flower named Myrr spoke of its hidden nectar, then Drasil first knew hunger and want. Drasil ate from the nectar and when he ate, from stamen to style, Drasil and Myrr made a new Harmony.

The seeds were something new again. But they did not have Balance. The seeds spread through all there was, and they began to grow. Those that grew from sun became sun. From water, water; plant, plant. And Eaters. Eaters became eaters, and the eaters of eaters.

Some seeds have Myrr’s shape, some can turn sun to food, and some have even her flower, but all are pale imitations of the first. Fallen things, the flowers from Myrr need sun to be seen and air to be smelled.

Opyn Loc grew in paradise until the seeds. After the seeds, with Balance lost, from Harmony came discord. The seeds brought need. The leaf needs sun as the root needs soil. Balance occurs where Harmony accounts for all needs. This is the only blessing left.

The story bored Lillian. She did not feel for one instant that her petals were degenerate things. Neither did Hillary. She felt that if the seeds brought her along, then she could live without a perfect Balance.

Of course, Lillian and Hillary were young, and the young should have no need of such stories, for such stories are like decay, present only where youth and growth are not.


Blogger marybishop said...

I love the euphony of the words and the melodic repitition. I find the intro tantalizing.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Ilanna said...

lovely.... :) Did you change characters names? Or are lillian and hillary different flowers? :)

6:27 AM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

Thanks. Lillian is Lilly, Hillary is Illy.

9:28 AM  
Blogger acumamakiki said...

It's very compelling and I like how it begins....immediately I could visualize the story again.

5:07 PM  
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