Friday, January 06, 2006

End of Terrorism?

If you were to ask an average red stater, "What is the number one problem facing the US at the moment," there's a good chance they'd tell you its terrorism. Is that correct? Because I suspect that while terrorism will continue to be a problem, it is certainly not a problem on the level on the level of other threats to America: starting with the British, going through a civil war, facing down communism. I suspect terrorism, in the grand sum of history, will not rise out of other present threats and general problems of the US: financial problems of macro and micro economic conditions, environmental problems including global warming, health care, and education.

That would have been impossible to say 3 years ago, but it very well may be the case. On the notion, however, that terrorism is the leading threat (and not only leading, on a higher level of threat altogether), Bush has frightened the nation into a pre-emptive war. He has spied on Americans without warrents. And he's taken a lot of vacation.

But what will happen when terrorism goes back to a low level of buzz, periodically rising in intensity? The platform that's been used and abused by Bush will be shown to be a foundation made of paper.