Thursday, December 08, 2005

Flower Mythology

At first there was the Mother, and that was everything. The Great Mother needed neither water nor sun nor food, because the Great Mother was both water and sun and food.

This was the time of the Great Harmony, because the Mother contained everything within her in exactly harmonious proportions. Water in Harmony to soil. Sun to leaf. Root to air. Food to plant. The Mother contained all things in Harmony, and so contained even Harmony itself.

The Mother had need of pruning, for all growth needs control. Growth in Harmony to trimming and decay. The trimming came from the eaters.

One eater, named Mebi, began talking to the Mother. He asked her to grow something beautiful and new. And so the Mother grew a flower and it was something both beautiful and new. Mebi examined the flower and ate from its nectar and in so doing, he pollinated the flower.

All pollinated flowers go to seed.

Mother’s seeds were something else new. But they were not in proportion. Instead, the seeds consumed the Great Mother. Where there was sun, there were seeds. Where there was water, there were seeds. Where there was soil, there were seeds. Where there was leaf, there were seeds.

There were more seeds than there is pollen in the world and they spread throughout the world. The seeds began to grow. Those who came from Mother’s sun became sun. Those from moon, became moon; water, water; flower, flower, Air, air; plant, plant. And Eaters. Eaters became eaters, and the eaters of eaters.

The most important seeds retain the Great Mother’s shape and still flower. They are blessed by mother because they can make food from the sun, but their flowers are pale imitations of Mother’s first flowers. Degenerated things, requiring the sun to be seen, air to be smelled, and eaters to be pollinated.

Mother was a paradise, with everything in Harmonious proportions, until the seeds brought in a new world. Harmony was lost. Since the seeds, Harmony is found only if each of the seed descendants re-united in Harmonious proportions. Enough water, enough air, sun, food, plants, and enough eaters.

This is a blessing.

Lilly was bored by the story. She did not feel for one instant that her petals were degenerate things. Neither did Illy.


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I like the immediate change to how Lily and Ily are feeling.

Nice to see the girls again.

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