Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Bush Speech. Yawn.

Another Bush speech. More of the same. Vague definitions of victory. No plan. But pulling out now would be bad for ill explained reasons. Those who advocate this are foolish at best, cowards at worst.

Whatever, Bush. You got us into this. And now it's your bed to sleep in. Your empty words told to a roomful of easily patriotic Naval Academy kids aren't going to get you out of your responsibility. Timing your speech on a workday morning will not prevent you from having to go to bed in your mess. Too bad we've got to sleep in it with you.

On that basis, here's what I wish Bush would have said. I know its a dream. Such candor and honesty will never be. Nevertheless, if I think for even a few moments that Bush said the following, then at least I can pretend this country is on the right course. Here's my fantasy Bush speech:

"Good morning cadets. I will dispense with further flowery words and will detail my plan in Iraq. But first, we must face the past if we are to have any hope of facing the future.

This reflection is not pleasant for me. But I made mistakes and I need to face them like a mature adult, like a man, if I am to learn from them. We went into Iraq anticipating weapons of mass destruction. There were none. We were wrong. We were wrong because of a combination of willful mistakes, internal dishonesty, and sheer incompetence. We screwed up. We screwed up by placing focus on intelligence that supported going to war, and putting contrary intelligence into the background. We did this because we wanted to bolster our case for war to Congress and the American public. Our case for war was the hope that bringing Saddam down would stabilize the region and would bring a wave of democracy to this economically vital area of the world. There were other considerations, but they were secondary: Saddam was an evil tyrant, he could have gained power in the future, and he went against American interests.

We really had high hopes. We really did. We thought the effect of the invasion would be immediate formation of a stable democracy. Unfortunately, we were radical enough to carry these plans out in 2003 with the invasion and occupation of Iraq with the best of hopes and the least of plans. These have been shattered by reality. We were wrong. We were wrong because we screwed this up as well. We screwed up by not anticipating sectarian interests, by not providing enough force immediately, and by using false models and false people.

In sum, I have failed entirely. In fact, there is not one area in Iraq, or domestically for that matter, in which I have even broken even. At this point, breaking even in Iraq is at the top of a very steep climb for us.

I apologize. I apologize to the American people for misleading them. In particular, I apologize to you, the young officers who may inherit my wicked sins.

From now on, my Iraq plan hinges on a simple goal: get us back to at least status quo. Although I have committed horrible mistakes in judgment, character, foresight, and radicalism; we must not allow the Iraqi people to pay for my sins - more than they already have. We must bring Iraq up to the level they were prior to our invasion. This is a deep American value, one I share: leave things better than you found them.

Therefore, my current plan will dispense with the pipe dreams of my administration. The pipe dreams that got us there, the pipe dreams that prevent us from moving forward. We must aim to get the most in Iraq in return for the least in terms of what matters to us: soldier's lives, soldier's limbs, and American tax money. We are currently hemorrhaging 6 billion dollars into Iraq per month. Every five thousand dollars we invest in Iraq is equivalent to the cost of educating a child for a year. We are spending 2 million yearly educations in Iraq every month! This is not acceptable.

Therefore, we will begin our bill, starting today. Iraq is an oil rich country, which is one of the reasons we invaded. They have the money to pay for our investment. It is in their ground. This bill will come due.

Meanwhile, we will allow the tribal organization of Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites to organize itself along these lines. If these three factions desire a union, then so be it. But to avoid civil war, we must divide the country into three divisions. One of these may become an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran. This is unfortunate, but may represent an improvement from Saddam's tyranny, or may not. In either case, our only concern is to our own national interest. And if this new state supports terrorism, then we will impose our will to the contrary.

Within the next calendar year we will drastically decrease our forces in the region. As the three new countries get up and running, sectarian strife will decrease, or will become less and less of our concern. However, by averting civil war, we will have saved literally thousands of lives.

There will be a strict timetable for our goals and withdrawal.

I now leave you young students to your studies. If you can learn anything from today’s lesson, it is that one with false pride, poor character, who places vital trust in incompetent people, will fail. For that is how I expect to be remembered in history. Remember my mistakes in your own lives, as you may perhaps make this world into a better place."


Blogger Ern said...

It's nice to visit a little fantasy for awhile. Now, back to reality. Or bed. Yes, I think bed would be better.

11:54 PM  
Blogger acumamakiki said...

Too bad that ding-dong would NEVER 1) be able to come up with something as compassionate or hear-felt and 2) that he would ever be able to admit his mistakes.

No he'll keep finding fall guys and keep trying to divert the attention from his f-ed up administration until he's kicked out. This is what I want for Christmas but it probably won't happen.

5:02 AM  
Blogger acumamakiki said...

I meant heart-felt. (=

5:02 AM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

Ern: I know. But I really like my fantasy land. You should really check it out.

Acu: Totally. More scapegoating is all we're likely to get.

Interesting how some commentators are taking this. Some actually think Bush turned a corner with this speech. I'm not sure they're refering to the same speech I heard. More of the same. Stay the course.


3:32 PM  

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