Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Up Next: 2000

There have been 2100 coalition deaths in Iraq as a direct result of Bush's actions. About 1900 of these have been American. Within the next few months we will be treated to breaking the 2000 mark. Especially as the violence continues.

Although Bush clearly does not read newspapers, internet news, or watch cable TV, perhaps his staffers could prepare a DVD for him when the 2000 mark comes (as they were forced to do when he ignored Katrina and New Orleans for several days). Because he really ought to know.

He really ought to know that he allowed us to go to war and is personally responsible for 2000 lives. He is utterly unaccountable, of course, which is the greater shame. Nor are we talking about dead Iraqi children, women, and innocent men, which is a greater number and a greater shame. Bush's responsibility is not crystal clear. Just ask O'Reilly about that one, a man who refuses to hold Bush responsible for his actions. I doubt he will mention the number 2000.

Responsibility for this war seemingly diffuses into the administration. Rice dropped the ball on the tubes. Rove got revenge for the Yellow cake that is still in Niger. Cheney gave good propaganda. Rumsfeld's plan failed and Iraq is headed further towards islamofascism as a result. Powell got turned into a shill.

But let's not allow it to diffuse. Let it focus. Let it be a light, drilled into Bush's gently downward sloping eyes as he squints against it. Bush is the one to whom 2000 American soldiers gave their lives. Let 2000 points of light force themselves into the eyes of Bush. Through the pupil, let them concentrate on the retina. Will he see it? There can be no doubt to the answer.

Those who ignore have no perception.


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