Thursday, September 01, 2005


Man and nature enjoy a complex relationship. Perhaps enjoy isn't the right word. Because nature does not enjoy it. Nature suffers it.

We now see that when push comes to shove, nature wins. In addition to confirming atheism for once and all, this hurricane provides ample evidence of man's sins against her. New Orleans was built on a delta formed by the mighty miss, between a lake and an ocean. The land New Orleans was built upon depended on the silt brought down by the Mississippi. But the Miss was boarded up, not allowing its silt to collect in the delta. New Orleans began to sink. It is currently between 1 to 5 feet below sea level and 2 to 6 feet below lake (Pontchartrain) level. It is kept dry by pumps and levies. But dig a hole and brackish water fills it nearly to the brim.

The silt once fed islands to the south of New Orleans, and which once provided protection from onshore storms. They are no more.

Further compounding the problem is the greenhouse effect, raising water levels by centimeters.

The fact New Orleans is under sea level produced two things of note and of death: mausoleums and danger. Levies and walls proved a sense of relief from the danger.

Danger came to New Orleans on Monday. The levies failed. It will become obvious that New Orleans did not invest enough into its own protection. But it is also obvious that New Orleans had to fight uphill against nature and its ill chosen location.

Now that danger has come, the protection has failed; portions of the US appear to resemble the third world nation we may yet become. Basic tools of civilization are no more: sanitation, food and water distribution, health care. Our military, stretched as it is bringing islamofascism to Iraq, cannot keep up with this new demand, although their efforts are as noble and worthy as they try, and succeed, in bringing citizens MREs and water.

The protections in place have been damaged more than any potential terrorist could hope for. Gone is homeland security, which is apparently more interested in monitoring our library cards than providing security to a commercial center. The effects are wide in reach. The city is destroyed for now. Its culture was more than beads and boobs (of both the mammary and drunken kind). It was a port city, so imports and exports will be hurt.

The oil industry is also hurt, cut off from their dark material. US economic policies, such as they exist (although there is no more proof of these than of God), have been shown to be not helpful. As gas prices rise, Americans would do well to ask why. Why, especially after 911, did we not make attempts to cut off oil money from the Saudis, Iranians, who then helped sponsor terrorism and terrorists? Iraq, drunk and currently emboldened on its oil power, is creating atomic bombs. Why were SUVs not assigned a federal tax, instead of a federal tax loophole?

At least someone is happy to hear about the recent events. Our enemies.

Nature usually suffers from her relationship from us. We typically enjoy her bounty. But when we take advantage, she can be vengeful.


Blogger marybishop said...

Sad. We gluttonous Americans like to think of ourselves as a world power and deserving of a lion's share of the earth's resources. We consume and waste with abandon and we continually fuck over nature and then wonder what happened?

And we have the weakest most inept president ever to lead us deeper into the abyss.

12:59 PM  
Blogger acumamakiki said...

It's like that old TV commercial,
'it's not nice to fool Mother Nature'. We've just come back from
vacation and gas in our town has risen 60 cents in a week!

Our president is the disaster. He has no idea how to help these people and he is weak.

5:46 PM  
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