Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rove is Scum

So I'm a Rove hater. I suppose I hate him the same way that Clinton haters hate Clinton. Although I don't see the big deal, the typical Clinton hater rants about how Clinton lies about sex, was not responsible for the 8 years of peace and prosperity in America during that time, and who's brilliance allowed him to become president of the US without a trust fund, work with republicans to get stuff done, and leave Bosnia better than he found it. Like I said, I never really understood Clinton hatred.

But I do hate Rove. He is a liar. He is a master of dark arts, like attacking good people's goodness, cynical manipulation of the general population's will, and the undermining of protections afforded to minority opinions.

And now he's busted. Fuck you Rove. Off to jail go you. Sorry, remnant Yoda.