Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Falling

I've posted this in other places, but check out Craigslist London.

Anyone who's been to the city knows how terrific it is. And anyone who's taken the tube around knows how tight those corners are. They burrowed deep into the earth when they made the tunnels, and in some places it seems like there are inches of space between rock and you. Imagining a bomb going off in such an enclosed space combines more phobias than my raising neck hairs.

It's a tragedy. Nothing more ought to be said about it. The loss of human life is horrific. The Brits know what this is about, of course, as everyone who knows anything about the history of the IRA can appreciate. There is nothing new under the British sun.

The parties responsible ought to be hunted down and killed. Innocent Muslims who love peace will surely bear some of the brunt of the hatred, compounding the tragedy.

While one is very much tempted to open the flood gates by comparing the situation to the rest of the world, I will refrain - in part. Only the most liberal fool would dare say 'because of this or that, the bombs followed.' No policy of Britain caused them to be victims. Terrorists are horrible people - that's the name of the game. I'd prefer them executed to understood and explained. But sometimes our preferences must be put aside. And if there were suicide bombers, then we ought to understand what goals these terrorists have - so as to fight them more effectively.

I'm going to switch topics here slightly.

So, while no policy of Britain caused terrorism, and this is patently true and requires no further defense; it is also true that Iraq has not offered an effective prevention to terrorism. It sounds odd, but this was exactly one of the rationales for going to war. To make the world safe from terrorism. Later, as no WMD were found, the rational shifted to bringing democracy to the region. Recent events in Iran need no mention.

But it's not all doom and gloom. We have a chance to win in Iraq, although we may win the Iraqi war and loose the war on terror as insurgents of today become the jihadists of tomorrow. In any event, let's hope for the best on all of our front lines.


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All I am saying is: Give peas a chance!

overheard at the dinner table last night...

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