Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kerry's GPA.

Kerry never fails to dissapoint, doesn't he? He didn't win the campaign, although probably nothing and no-one could have beaten the Bush 2004 machine. He went back and forth on Iraq, and although his position seemed sensible, it was flawed and open to attack. He didn't hit back hard enough until it was too late.

And now we find that he was a slacker in college. Why not? He was a scion from a wealthy family. He had all the right connections. So he slacked off. At the age of 18 he realized something I didn't learn until I was in my late 20's, we live in a partial meritocracy and those laws need not apply to him. The Kerry in college was probably a young rich kid who I would have hated for exactly those reasons, even as I didn't understand them (and even as he did).

Now the conservatives are saying their expected things, that he lied, that he cheated by making it look like Bush was stupid, that he was a lazy scion. Of course, one is tempted to simply ask them to turn their gaze inward, but that's perhaps asking too much. One is even more tempted to ask what they find so outragous in withholding a GPA, while finding nothing slightly wrong with creating information on the lack of Iraqi WMD. I'd call the latter the greater evil. Just by a little bit. By my rough judgement.

If we are not allowed to make these small moral judgements, then I feel we would be completly unable to call certain people utterly evil. Again, that's just a thought. I'm no theologian.

Another thing I feel is rather disturbing is how much the GOP seems to enjoy kicking Kerry when he's down. It's with a real relish with which they moan about his GPA, his sneaky nature, his utterly silly teenage face and hair. Unseemly.

I guess it's not enough to simply win the presidency for the GOP. Why is this? Well, perhaps because things are not going too well for Bush, and by extension, for America under Bush's policies and actions.

Recently we have been treated to a former employee of Big Oil's lobbying arm who edited environmental memos to downplay the connection between greenhouse gas and global warming. So, just to restate, a man who's job it was to promote oil use, like pushing for big cars and tearing down alternate sources of power, is now able to change science. That's a lie. It's a pretty big lie, encompassing, as it does, the entire planet.

GM: cutting 25,000 jobs. Bad news. Wonder if there had been some incentives for GM to make a hybrid they'd be doing as bad now that no-one wants to buy their hummers with gas at 2.5?

Downing Street Memo. Bush denied fixing the intel to policy this week! This denial will certainly come back to haunt him. At the moment there is overwhelming evidence that the case to go to war was fixed. Every source that's reliable and not a Bush stooge is on the same page, with remarkable consistency. His lies will eventually become part of the public record. The problem will be, by that time it won't matter. Iraq will have drained the US in every regard: morally, financially, and each and every casualty.

Empires fall.

But for all you GOP readers, don't think about all that. Just repeat this until happy:

Kerry lied! Clinton lied! Newsweek probably lied! And fags can't get married! And stem cells are safe from healing people!

As always, I want to make you happy.