Friday, May 20, 2005


The conservative movement have been devoting their time and energy into attacking the media in general and Newsweek in particular over the Koran/toilet episode.

It's easier to do that than to face certain other facts. Namely, that on the heels of the Koran story comes the story of yet another death in the setting of torture from US hands. This occured in a US detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan. The victim was innocent of all crimes. He was hung from his wrists to a ceiling for days on end, beaten, and eventually died. My guess is that he died of a PE, caused by his position and dehydration and blunt trauma. But that's only if I were seeing him in the ER with a story like that.

Is it such a stretch to believe that the US could blasphene the Koran when we are literally torturing people (in this case innocent) to death?

The conservates seem to be keeping a tight eye on our media. How about doing the same with our administration? These various deaths are directly related to decisions at high levels to ignore Geneva conventions. In this case they resulted in what can only be described as war crimes. And for every case we hear about, how many do you believe exist?

These deaths are troubling, but they are made much more troubling by the current administration's refusal to correct it's own blind spot: critiquing itself. Even more troubling is the utter inability to ask why Afghnistan people are rioting half way round the earth, because of an article written in a language they cannot read (assuming literacy), about an event that pales in comparison to abuses across the street by the US, and across the border in Iraq, by other Muslims. Someone is controling these people. Someone is winning the war of ideas. And it certainly isn't us.

Empires rise and empires fall.


Blogger John @ Ariel said...

Oh, so true. When will the other half of our country open their eyes to the blatant hypocrisy.

Also, I think you might get more out of my blog of political and current events rantings at Ariel, than my lighter personal blog.

Thanks for the comment,
John Boy

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