Monday, April 25, 2005

Ocean 12

Do not watch this movie. It lacks all substance, wit, plot (there is a deux ex machina at the end that would embarass Michael Bay, the guy who brought us Armegeddon). It also lacks the conversation, and the action that made Ocean 11 actually good. It is left with only style. So it's exactly as interesting as watching a modeling show on TV, without the benefit of commercials.

In sum, I wasted 2 hours of my life (because I fast forwarded the more retarded scenes). Perhaps I didn't waste them entirely because perhaps you will not waste 2 hours of your life. Don't make the mistakes I've made. Do not watch this movie.

That said, Julia Roberts looks terrible. She now looks even more stringy and gaunt and unfunny than... when she was young. And Brad Pitt, who I love from Fight Club (this is Pasternak's only good book, although Survivor was also decent), also looks old. I have sympathy for this, since Mrs. NOS and I spent several hours plucking gray hairs from our heads this weekend. From Fight Club, I am now starting to realize that I am degrading in the compost heap.

In other news, the trial is over. There's little to say about it for now. I'll take it on some other time.


Blogger marybishop said...

Check that movie off my list.

I agree about Julie but Brad? Say it ain't so..he can't be getting old because if he is I am.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

Sorry, he looks old in this movie. Not in his 20s anymore.

8:30 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

I almost never watch sequels. It's almost always a subpar attempt to capture revenues generated off of interest in the initial flick. Usually repetetive and with little to no relevance unless you have seen the first.

Thanks for the heads-up, though!

6:22 PM  
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