Sunday, April 24, 2005


As in Piece of Shit.

The doctor (loosely defined), named Michael Sachs, has been sued 33 times in the last several years. He's a plastic surgeon who puts profits way ahead of any other value. Over my training, I've met several people like him, but he is the worst example of a Doc POS. Oddly, they all share similar characteristics:

1. They are extremely pompous. Each believes that they can do things that other doctors with the same training and skills cannot do. Each has no trouble stating this to be the case to anyone who would listen, including, in this case, while on TV. Instead of rationally assuming that decisions made reflect data available at that time, and procedures reflect materials available at that time, these doctors assume that any decision that results in any way in a sub-optimal outcome is due to incompetance. However,

2. They lack insight. Any of their own decisions that result in bad outcomes are due to: any excuse, rational or irrational, except themselves. These include and are not limited to, other doctors, the patient, lack of compliance with therapies, techs. For one of these doctors to state, "although I do not know what contributed to this bad outcome, I would have done things differently in retrospect," is to make that doctor no longer Doc POS.

2.1. Their lack of insight protects them from recognizing their own bad outcomes and allows them to be #1.

3. They work hard. They usually pour themselves into their work. For them work is not a means to satisfaction and a living wage. Something occurs to them between medical school (I've never met pre-doc POS's, but have recognized potential Doc POS's at the ivy where I did residency, pat on my own back yes, but real point: Ivy's churn out a few future POS's every year) and practice where money becomes an end to itself. They cannot earn enough and would rather work through the nights than back off for an instant. I would have to list #3 as a loose criteria, because some very bad doctors are also very lazy, but most of them do not rise to Doc POS's.

4. They have an almost militaristic outlook on rank. A nurse is not a peer to the Doc POS. A nurse is a person who does what they say. There is no health care team. They see themselves as the only one in the hospital who does anything right at all times. This goes along with number's 1, and allows them to easily blame 'underlings' when bad outcomes occur. When events occur that are not tied in with bad outcomes, then they essentially go apeshit, and take any lapse on the part of any member of the health care team as a sign of utter failure. Furthermore, they suffered when they were residents, and normally were horrible residents, but as graduates of a residency program, they have no sympathy for residents. Instead, they will literally say things like, "I went though hell, now I get to make things hell for other people."

5. Their personal lives are fucked up. Spouses hate them, divorce is common, their children have metal health and drug problems, they refer to their spouses by unkind nicknames. They are fucked up people and via their genes and memes, they fuck up the lives of the people closest to them.

6. They actually are not good doctors. Good doctors do things like actually give a shit, for one, but that's an internal characteristic and sometimes translates into behavior, sometimes not. But just judged on behavior and outcomes, these doctors are not good. They are blind to this, because of #2, but they actually suck. In the present case, look at some of Sach's photos from his gallery. It's not all that impressive. His work isn't all that good, especially if we consider the fact that these are his best cases, they are angled to the camara in different ways, and many are wearing makeup in kinder lights.

That's all I can think of for now. Perhaps there are others.

Tomorrow I'm off to jury duty again. I'll see what I'm allowed to say about that later this week.


Blogger laurenbove said...

I don't think of cosmetic surgeons the same way as other specialties. I know some are wonderful and help people that have been in accidents etc... but so many of them remind me of ambulance chasing lawyers. The only difference is they chase and play upon people's insecurities. (Usually women.)

11:46 AM  
Blogger marybishop said...

I liked the before pictures better than most of the after pictures. Thanks for posting the link.

Slime exist everywhere in every profession...

3:04 PM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

LB, I do think some of the ENT/Plastic people have difficulty preventing themselves from becomming POS, but there are others from other specialties.

Sachs is an absolute disgrace.

5:22 PM  

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