Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Pawn Masters, The Tyrants.

The Evil Men Do.

Who is evil in the TS situation? Here is the rundown.

Now before we go through and list the evil people, I'd like to say that history will eventually forget TS. Someday her case will become as foggy as Cruzan's. Already I've forgotten most specifics in the OJ trial. History may also forget these evil men. So let's take a moment to read about them, remember them now.

They are in no particular order. Just listed in random order as they come to me. What is more evil than randomness? The following list:

Bill Frist. He is a doctor. He is not a neurologist. He took a look at the 30 seconds of tape within 15 years and decided to question EVERY DIAGNOSIS GIVEN BY INDEPENDANT NEUROLOGISTS. Although evil, this happens quite often in medicine. However, it is usually a medical student or a resident who presents, the attending says, "did you think of pancreatitis?" And the resident says, "Hum..." In this case, it is Bill Frist who is the medical chump here. He is a chest surgeon, and this gives him just enough knowledge to know that to question the diagnosis without actually examining the patient is evil. We've already talked about the criteria for PVS, and how it demands an examination. Dr. Frist: stupid and evil. But then again, he is a surgeon.

DeLay. One might as well start with his newfound interest in TS, after 15 years or so. The fact that he is presently defending himself from criminal fund raising activities. That being the single roach scurrying along the DeLay floor (he owes his start to owing a pest control business). This fundraising criminal activity occurred with the company Enron, and his good 'ol buddy names Ken Lay. He's also, literally, allowed his industry sponsors to write environmental policies. But now he finds that selling himself as a compassionate leader works to help him avoid some of these unpleasant facts. Never mind that the woman in question is not one of his constituents (or sponsors). Never mind that she spent her life over 1000 miles away. Never mind all that. Just concentrate on his compassion. Never mind his cynical use of the powers at his disposal to consolidate and use power over other people. DeLay is a wanna be tyrant. He is the man for whom the constitutional separation of powers was written. If he were one of our founding father's, we would live in a country called Christica, one nation, under one tyrant.

Bush. Here is my favorite evil person. I mean, he's so clearly evil.

If I could just start off and make this observation: on one hand, Bush will not sanction stem cells for scientific use. However, if our great grandkids have one thing that could help them recover from neurologic injury, it would be stem cell therapy. He'd like to prolong TS's life through a feeding tube, but he'd rather not make any steps to do help science help people like her.

What was he thinking at1 AM, when he got on that plane, to fly 2000 miles away to DC, to sign a bill that would attempt to legislate tyranny over another person? I have some ideas: "Man, good thing I'm a Christian man. We gotta stop this. This deal where a husband makes decisions for his helpless wife. That's my whole focus on the family thing. And we gotta stop these fucking fags from getting married. Oh. I mean, these fucking homo-sex-u-als." I say this because it's very clear that Bush simply does NOT think. He does what he believes. He believes it is wrong to pull the tube on TS, so he acts to stop it. He doesn't think about why. he doesn't think about the contradiction that exists between his most fundamental beliefs: that state government trumps federal, that we live under a constitution which protects us from tyranny, that government interference in personal affairs is seldom good.

The fact that he does not act to stop other horrors at 1 AM, like work to make the world a safer place after he got a report entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." while on his sacrosanct vacations (sacrosanct other than for national emergencies like the TS case). The fact that he would like to decrease Medicare/medical/social services while at the same time spending tax payer money to keep TS alive isn't contradictory if you don't think about it either.

Bush is the evil of an unthinking monster. Or a natural disaster. No thought, just action.

The mob. Evil. All mobs are. What's up with the tape across your mouths? Don't want to talk? Fine. Don't.

The talking heads, and includes blogs. Mostly spreading misinformation. That TS is not in PVS. You can check them out for yourselves. They are just sad. After talking to some of them, I've found that they actually believe their misinformation campaign. That's fine. Many have weird beliefs.


Blogger Jean-Francois said...

He's also my favorite evil guy.
Within a week or so TS will pass away (again-she's already brain dead)... can't imagine the show that these people have ready for her funeral, maybe they'll take her all the way to Capitol Hill.

5:54 PM  
Blogger marybishop said...

Absolutely brilliant post, Doc.

Some people live in reality and others live in fairy-tale land.

Not a single soul has mentioned that not a single person related to Terri has shed a tear. Has no-one else noticed how happy mom, dad sis and bro are with all this media attention and what that brings? Limos, free food, hair dressers and personal slaves...
Closest was her husband...

Reality? They all know she's been dead for years and why is Pat Boone on TV telling the world that god wants Terri to live?

Who the eff is Pat Boone? Rich old man with died hair and nothing more.

Me? I'm a mother and if I thought my child was alive and someone was trying to kill her...I wouldn't be tearless, but I'd fucking tear them to shreds.............

Of course, unless I knew, sad as it was, that my child was living in hell with no chance of recovery.

There are worse things than physical pain...

6:31 PM  
Blogger marybishop said...

I clicked on that link..."the earth is flat" link and I give up....they say the bible says it's flat so it is...............anyone want some Kool-Aid?

Thanks, I think, for the link...

6:52 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

I hate to look like I'm blowing sunshine up your ass, but that was one incredibly lucid and intelligent post. I was watching Fox "news" (Blech) and Larry King (blech, blech) and was beginning to think: I'm surrounded, but I'm so alone.

I came to visit your blog hoping for a reality check. Thanks for being there. I can't stand this evil media hounding bullshit anymore. Now the family is saying she spoke and tried to say "I want to live."

I'm feeling sick.

What doctor, governor, person would conspire to focus in on killing this one woman? What's in it for them? Not a damn thing. I'm so frustrated with this approach the family has of saying people are out to get TS.

There's hundreds of people in PVS quietly dying due to lack of forced food and water all over the country. Now tell me please, why is this particular case getting the media and gov't and popular attention? (is it b/c the right to lifer haven't gotten behind those other cases?)

I don't think people in PVS can feel pain. Can they? I know that if it's suspected of such a patient, they can give her morphine as long as it will do no harm.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You discount Bill Frist as a doctor, not a neurologist. But are you willing to discount yourself as a doctor not a constitutional scholar? Or a doctor, not a theologian? You throw words around (tyranny, tyrants, evil) that have actual meanings, that you clearly do not understand.

10:13 AM  
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