Wednesday, March 16, 2005


In case you don’t know, a recent MS drug, called Tysabri, which was billed as the next great hope in MS therapy, got yanked off the market about 3 weeks ago because of two cases of something called PML, a serious brain infection. Since Tysabri is an immunosuppressant, and PML only affects those with something wrong with their nervous system, the obvious culprit is Tysabri. It’s not that simple, however, both patients were in trials with more than one immunosuppressant. And one may make a recovery once the medication is withdrawn. It’s too late for the other one.

On this news, Biogen IDEC, the maker of Tysabri, suffered serious stock losses, posting a 45% drop. Bad stuff there.

Or is it? No-one seems to know. I have a newfound interest in stocks, and how little they seem to relate to the real world. Tsunami kills a few hundred thousand, stocks up. Yankees loose, stocks down. In this case, the reaction appears to be over-reaction. Two years ago, in the days before Vioxx, which is a pure junk drug, this would have been handled with as much care, but the drug would have come to market sooner. The stocks would have changed, but 45%?

The fact is that drugs kill people. Aspirin kills people. Tylenol: death. Toothpicks account for 2-3 deaths a year. Cars: countless maimed and killed.

So here’s the interesting thing. After the fallout, when some heads become clear, and other’s are still as cloudy as they ever are, I checked out what these million dollar plus analysts are saying about Biogen’s futures. Here is what it looked like:

Analyst:------------recommendation----------------- recommendation

--------------------3months ago ---------------------now

1--------------------Sell ------------------------------Strong buy

2--------------------hold-------------------------------- sell

3 --------------------hold -------------------------------sell

4 --------------------buy ------------------------------- strong sell

5 --------------------hold ------------------------------ strong sell

6-------------------- buy ------------------------------- sell

7-------------------- buy ------------------------------- sell

Notice anything funny? On news of the crash, these fuckers just change their polarity. None of them have the slightest idea what’s going on. None of them can even pronounce what PML stands for. These analysts are the scum of the earth. They are worse than their wives who go to coffee shops and bitch about their kid’s teachers.


Blogger laurenbove said...

Wait...wait....I'm stuck on Vioxx as a junk drug. Why do you say that? I've been on immunosuppresants (still am, Enbrel) and anti inflammatories (you name it) and all the cox2 inhibitors. Vioxx was excellent. No brain bramage here!

I agree w/you on the rest: Life has side effects. Getting in the car and driving has big risks we're all willing to take. Why not let people with disease have choices that might make their lives livable.

I hate those blasted analysts, the insurance companies, the FDA or at least Dr. Graham, the drug companies too... they're in cahoots, those bitchy mommas and the teachers aint all that hot some days.


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