Saturday, February 05, 2005

No More Blue Subsidies for Red States?

Reading the New York Times today, noted that Bush is going to cut the subsidies to the farmers who elected him in 2004 and almost elected him in 2000. Well, ha ha, you stupid hick farmers. You elected a guy who waged a costly war of choice while at the same time giving his friends in his socioeconomic class huge tax cuts. And now, to pay for the gap between tax breaks and the cost of Bush's war, say goodbye to your subsidies. You made the choice, now you get to benefit from it. Same with the military. You helped elect him, now enjoy the next 15 years away from home.

Now, I'm actually opposed to subsidizing US farmers. I'd prefer to buy US grain if it's cheaper to do so, not because I pay taxes to give to farmers while the government also unfairly protects them from competing in a global market. I live in one of those blue states that bleeds money to pay for these give a ways.

Dear hicks in red states, perhaps you realize where Bush is now. He's not on your side. He might dress up real nice like a cowboy, and put on his rube accent, but he's not on your side. Nor are the people who own him, and who he allows to own him. So what I have to say to you, ha ha.

Oh yeah, he's also cutting funds for firefighters and police.

And this is based on the decisions that Bush has made. They are sound decisions when given our current situation. And there is one person responsible for our current situation: Bush. And the people responsible for allowing him to create the situation: Red States.


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