Friday, February 11, 2005

Med Students

How is it possible to get a GPA close to 4 and an MCAT close to 40, but be unable to think? Are those measures somehow unrelated to cognitive function? Apparently not. Either that, or med schools are actually making people stupid. That may be closer to the truth.

The last example of a stupid med student is appropriate to the interaction I had below, in the comments section. This incident occurred after one of them asked one of our patients why she was in the ER.

She took this to mean what he said - that her child had diarrhea. And so she said that was the reason. Diarrhea.

No, that wasn't what he meant. He meant why did she come to the ER for a child with diarrhea. It was 1 in the morning.

That question was easy to answer: less crowded.

OK. That makes sense. And the child had diarrhea for the last 2 weeks?


And she had been to see her pediatrician who told her that these things can linger for weeks to months?
Yes, she just wanted another opinion.

From an ER doctor, who is trained in dealing with medical and surgical emergencies and doesn't usually deal with children's poo?

Yes. From one of those.

It was the last question that really made her mad. "And how much do you pay for the care?"

Stupid kid. The answer is nothing. She pays nothing. She's on our state insurance. She can drain the system endlessly. And because she has no job, she can enter formal complaints against stupid medical students who aren't smart enough to figure these things out on their own. He will have to learn how to not care. I'm glad I was able to play a part in his development as an uncaring bastard.

It's enough to make you want to be a republican.


Blogger Langley said...

Well Doc after your insightful post on my blog I decided to check out yours.
Doc I thought. DJ. You know, they like to call themselves Doc. A rabbit? No, that's just silly. You really are a doctor. And here I am... Premed at some goofy Liberal Arts College. Hmmm. Oh, so many thoughts are floundering around my overrun Organic Chemistry drained brain. And even I knew she was on welfare...or illegal. Go figure!

7:02 AM  

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