Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Health and Workouts

time to talk to them. This guy was 89, about 5'3" and looked like he My patient's husband yesterday was a good guy. Sometimes, with good guys I actually made somewas about 69. He was short and thin, he looked like a squat little dog, complete with his nose, which pushed out of his face like a tent pole. After commenting on how healthy he was, I asked him how he kept it up.

So that started the story:

He was 14 years old and was an acrobat. He nearly made the Olympic team a few years later, but didn't. Instead, he settled down, got a job, had 4 kids with his fist wife, who died, and then met his second wife, who then became ill.

Through his life he had a very simple excercise pattern. He'd run up to a park near his house, do acrobatic excercises pullups, situps, dips, and stretches. Then he'd run home. After his knee got messed up he had to give up the actual running, but he lengthened out the walking. He walked up to that park in the sun, rain, cold, hot, snow, sleet, and dark. Nearly every day.

He said that if everyone did that through their life, they'd live as long and as healthy as he.

I agree.

Weight loss programs that are too easy have about no chance of working. You have to modify your life to include health. You have to change your mental set to include excercise every day. I'm not a diet nazi, but I do not eat fast food (other than Subway) and I'm pretty much meatless, but I'll make exceptions here and there. You need to work out every day. If that's your goal, then you'll feel bad about missing a day. And that's the place you want to be.

It takes so little (ha) to stay in reasonable shape. But you've got to get into the mental framework that you're not going to eat junk food, processed food with hidden calories and weird chemical flavors, and you're going to work out every day for the rest of your life while you're able. You've got to change your behavior for good.