Monday, January 17, 2005


I'm a doctor, not an economist. But I'm worried about the future of America. Bush and his idiot-bots have me concerned. I wish I didn't have cause, but I feel that I do. Bush talks of his ownership ideas. Well, excuse my fuddy duddy notions, but I thought we were a nation of doers, thinkers, and makers - not a nation of owners.

Now, again, I'm a doctor. I make nothing. My thinking is spent on some aspects of disease. Most of the economic benefit that I give to society is getting someone who can actually do something great back on their feet again. I also pay taxes. But I have ideas. I have a product. It's in version 0.2, but I think it's pretty good, with some work. But I'm worried. The dollar sucks. Our debt is huge, the burden is worrisome, Europe is on the march, they subsidize Airbus, while Boeing relies on insider trading and closed bids - well it shows - Boeing just lost their 717 program. Airbus is going strong.

Social security is something I'll try to keep an eye on. Sounds like much ado about a lot. I shudder to think about all the millions the investment bankers will make off people's money, win or lose. But to begrude them millions seems absurd when we're dealing with trillions, but even a trillion seems absurd. If I thought I could trust Bush with anything over the cost of a dime bag of coke, then I'd be more reassured. But after he fucked us on Iraq, took us to war with no provocation, I'm less inclined to give him any benefit of any doubt.


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