Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami vs. Malaria

Great article in the NYT by Kristof, and it is germane to the recent comments of a religious person who posts tsunamis of words about how great God is. But not quite as deadly or exciting. Just dead boring and dead wrong.

But anyway, the article is about how Americans only help with emergencies when they are emergencies. But every single day something horrible is happening on this planet of ours. Being Doc NOS, of course, I see only the smallest fraction of this every day. I do not see the 300,000 people who die of malaria and diarrhea EVERY SINGLE MONTH! And it's not as though these are things that we throw up our hands and say, "hopeless, oh wel, is there anything good on TV?" These are entirely treatable and cheaply treatable. Now I feel bad for sending people to give money for the tsunami survivors. Instead, if you give, give here. Or here.

Probably the best belated X-mas gift you can make.


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