Monday, January 24, 2005

Red State

Anyone who is human, over 5'5" and over 100 pounds obviously hates flying. I'm no exception. Today's flight is made worse by the fact that the man sitting diagonally across from me is watching "Sweet Home Alabama." Within my visual field there is a constant fluttering, which draws at my attention, despite all my attempts to inhibit myself. I imagine bugs feel the same draw towards the bug zapper. The sound is thankfully off. But every time I reflexively glance to his computer screen my brain further demands a brief rest. My eyes liver as this horrible movie plays on. Reese Witherspoon is terrible. With no sound, her usually gaping mouth, widened eyes, and course movements are made too obvious as she jerks and flops herself about the screen. It's worse than the turbulence.

I look away, free. But the movement on the screen brings me back into comfortable slavery. Comfortable comfortable slavery.

The best thing about flying is the other people. People to safely watch. Stare at even, given that manners of any kind are old fashioned. All these people in the world, getting around with no need of you, with no complaints for you, who do not want a thing from you. Other than to get out of the way.

But enough of all that. Even with the gaping mouth and the rolling eyes of a hooked fish (a flying fish), Witherspoon is better to look at than almost anything else.


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