Monday, January 10, 2005

Interview question

The last few months things have been broken up by interviews. We have to interview med school kids for residency slots. They all ask many questions, most of them the same. They actually all comes down to the same question: is residency going to drive me insane, destroy my life, or make me a horrible and evil person. The answer is obviously yes. Studies show that 100% of interns meet the clincial criteria for major depression at least once during their internship. So literally yes, residency will drive you insane.

Sometimes I ask people a curve ball question that I sometimes throw out there, just to break things up, and determine if people can think. Not that you have to think to be able to be a resident: for that all you need is ability to work hard.

Here is a question that's like the one that I ask: my store is selling 1 for 1 buck. 12 for 2 bucks. 129 for 3 bucks. What am I selling?

I usually know who to ask. I only ask people who might get it right. Otherwise it's no fun. People who might get it right are already smart enough - so I think some might enjoy working it out. Some do.

My store sells numbers.


Blogger Blog ho said...

I found this very interesting as my wife will be entering medical school in the fall and we shall be faced with this insanity. She's much older than the traditional student (she's 87) (no, I made that up, she's 35) so perhaps that will mitigate the depression, though I somehow doubt it.

I wonder if residency in San Diego would have mitigating...stuff.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Anti-Blogger said...

Since your a doctor...could you tell me if this looks normal? I am a little doesn't hurt, but dang it looks strange. And not that I am complaining, cause, well, the women like it.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

Blog Ho:

Yeah, sorry about your wife. Try to convince her otherwise. It's rough when you're young, it's worse when your older. Best of luck.


That's not my specialty. Best of luck with your condition.

1:35 PM  

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