Wednesday, January 12, 2005

God Blows.

People still believe in god, which is OK with me. Some people believe their cats were Brando in past lives. Wacko beliefs are OK with me, I just don't share them.

But what constantly amazes me is how stupid people are. This article shows that it's not just American Christians who are stupid, but that all religions are equal in their stupidity. If you don't want to read the article, OK. A Buddhist believes that she survived the tsunami because of her Buddhist faith. In other news, LA is relieved, it has nothing to fear.

Who would believe in a God that causes the destruction of life over different types of worship? How far do events in this world have to go before the belief in God is seen as untenable? After the last century, full of man made and natural disasters, the answer appears, sadly, almost limitless.

I've only witnessed one man renounce his faith. I was in med school, sitting in on the 'family meeting,' which is what the peds people call it when no one doctor on all the various teams has the balls to tell the family that cancer is bad, this cancer is really bad, and that failing chemo is really really bad, and that this is just about it. Instead, since no-one wants to get sued, they bring in all the different specialties to talk to the entire family, who will ask questions, and the doctors all try to get someone else to give the bad news. It's ugly. It's even in an ugly room: ugly bright lights, modular plastic table and chairs, even an ugly vinyl floor. It's peds and they don't like to give bad news.

So finally the dad asks the question: is he going to die. And finally the answer comes: yes, within a few months, give or take. The doctor who says this is so nervous that he resembles a freshly caught fish, blinking in the bright lights, mouth open trying to gasp thin air, hands twittering about.

That was the point of the meeting: to finally say what had to be said. Everyone knew what that was but the father.

At the news, he reached his thick tined fingers to his throat and ripped off the cross that hung there. He dropped it on the table as he stood up. "Fuck you. Haven't done shit." Then, softly, looking at his wife, who sat down staring straight ahead, "shit."

He found himself standing. Not knowing what to do, he walked out.

I guess some religious beliefs can be falsified. I admire that man. He had the courage to see an event that falsified a core belief. Since I'm an atheist, and avoid holding fast to any religious doctrines, I wonder if it's even possible that I might one day find a core belief of mine to be false. To do so is to be strong enough to engage in the pinnacle of human thought, bravery, and intellectual honesty. Could you do it? Will you? Or would you turn back to your comfortable lie?


Blogger jennyls said...

when a follower asked the guru who was dieing, why do you not save yourself, the guru replied, when you are given a gift, you accept it. nature is a great force, evil exists, some times it overtakes us small humans in horrible ways. It's then that I think the great spirit takes over. The peaceful contentment of the great beyond can not be spoken of or written about by us mere humans.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Doc NOS said...

OK, death as a gift. Sure. Only when the suffering is great, otherwise I don't see it that way at all.

Life may suck sometimes, but death sucks all the time. Not that you're around for it though.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Just ran across this article this afternoon shortly before reading your comment on our blog, and after reading this post I decided you might be interested to read it: (another Washington Post link)

"The appeal said WorldHelp was working with native-born Christians in Indonesia who want to "plant Christian principles as early as possible" in the 300 Muslim children, all younger than 12, who lost their parents in the tsunami."

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not use the example of a fool to shame the wise for the act takes the listener for a fool and is therefore foolishness unto tiself.

1:53 AM  
Blogger The Ken said...

Doc, I've posted a reply to the comment you made in my blog:

6:28 AM  
Blogger The Ken said...

Sorry, I should have made that a link:

The blog entry

6:30 AM  
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