Monday, January 31, 2005

Dr. X

Love this guy.

Now some would call him a loser. But I'd call him one smart druggie. Too bad he uses his powers of pharm for fun and not health, or he'd have cured cancer and put us all out of a job.

Now I do think that doctor's biases prevent them from using X in dying patients to ease suffering. I've never tried X, but right before I die, when that cancer has eaten through all my insides, and I'm seeing little green things, and the fam is all over, then please please give me a dose of X. I want all my serotonin that's left in my brain to explode in one last burst of happy.

Why would doctors not want me to do that? It's really because we're all losers who are afraid of a good time. And we don't want to get sued. But not Dr. X.


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