Tuesday, December 28, 2004

There is no god

80,000 dead the last time I looked. Probably get over 100,000. Of these, over 1/3 are children. If there was an all knowing, all powerful, and even half-way decent god, he could have prevented it and would have wanted to. He didn't. More so than ever recent events provide a clear contradiction to theist beliefs.

To all the theists: there is a problem. You've got the problem of evil. You can't believe in your all good all powerful all knowing god and still see the drowned kids on TV.

The alternatives are:
- God isn't all powerful, couldn't have stopped the waves. If so, why worship him? How is he different from anything else in the universe? Go worship stars, or flowers, or doctors - at least these things are pretty, except for the fat doctors - they are just wrong. And doctors are sometimes useful. They can prescribe things.
- God isn't all knowing. If so, why worship him? To him you're less than an ant. If he didn't even know about a tsunami, then why do you think he knows, or cares to know about you?
- God isn't all good. If so, why worship him, or do what he says, or base any morality around him.
- There is no god.
- God hates people. Or God hates these people in particular. Maybe God hates you as well.

This is way beyond me, being simple Doctor NOS and all. This isn't a daily news blog or an anti-religion blog - it's the Doctor NOS blog. To make it relevant, I get bummed out when other doctors see all the shit we all see and still believe in their kindergarden God. Like Mr. Ug - what did God ever do for him? Robbed him of genes and then gave him the double plague of pan-cancer and Dr. Flog.

Until next time, Doc NOS.


Blogger Sally said...

Hi Doctor NOS,

Thanks for the comments you posted on my blog. Having a skim through yours at the moment - seems pretty interesting so perhaps I'll come back for a more detailed read when these stupid rat analyses are done!

As a Christian though, I disagree with your analysis on God and the tsunami disaster. The thing is, bad things and evil happen in the world not because God is evil or unknowing or uncaring, but because of mankind's sin that has alienated the world from God. This is the crux of Christianity - not a kindergarten God ready to fix everything in a jiffy, but a God who is abhorred by the world's evil, yet loves his people -and it is because of this love that he sent Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of mankind and hence provide an avenue of redemption, that through faith in Christ men might be freed spiritually from the yoke of sin and find peace - inner peace, though for the moment they reside amidst a sinful and suffering world.


7:18 PM  
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